Our Facilities

  • Class Rooms
    Our class rooms are fully equipped with Audio Visual aids. To facilitate the speakers and lectures, we provide TV, tape recorder, camera, video slide projector. Tutorials and seminars are arranged at regular intervals to motivate student.

  • Computer Lab
    The latest technology based on teaching learning process has necessitated the use of well-equipped computer lab. At our institute the computer softwares are regularly upgraded in order to facilitate qualitative training programme. The students of all the courses are encouraged to use the lab as per their requirements.

  • Library
    The institutes are in possession of a well-equipped library, and any student wishing to take advantage of the library shall be issued maximum of two books for a period not exceeding one week. In case of delay in returning, loss or damage of the book, the concerned student shall be fined.

  • Co-Curricular Activities
    The institute encourages the students to participate in various indoor & outdoor games. Co-curricular activities like seminar, debates, dramas, picnics & annual day are organized by the institute as per Annual Calendar. Students who excel in the various competitions are awarded prizes.

  • Picnics & Excursions
    Picnics & excursions are the integral part of any extensive training programme. Such experiences create scope for incidental learning to enrich knowledge. Such picnics & excursions are arranged from time to time by the institute to places of education as well as historic importance.

  • Counseling
    The institute has an active Counseling Cell, comprising of senior faculty members, for the benefit of students. Our counseling starts from the initial stage to the last lap of their studies. At the time of admission prospective students can be professionally counseled, based on their inclination about their choice of profession, their aptitude & professional scope. With so many years backing up the institution in dealing the students. We can help the students in choosing the right career for them.

  • Scholarships
    The institute offers scholarships to the meritorious as well as financially weak students after scrutinizing their applications.

  • Training & Placement
    The institute has a functional placement cell to help trainees get jobs in public sector and the student advisor keeps the updated about various opportunities available in the field from time to time.

  • Management Quota